Flexikeg, kegs for winegrowers

Year after year, you invest time and effort in your vines, harvests and the winemaking process. Your wine is a reflection of your passion, your expertise and many months of hard work. When the time comes to sell it, you want to be sure it retains all its qualities so they can be enjoyed by the end consumer. Its sale shouldn’t put a strain on your costs. The price of glass and transportation costs are increasing. Finding credible and effective alternatives is a real challenge for you. You work the land; you love it and respect it. You can already see the effects of climate change and know that the carbon footprint of human activities needs to be minimised. Like you, your customers are attuned to saving resources and protecting our planet.
Our kegs are not designed to replace traditional bottles but are an alternative to bag-in-box wines. Whether you’re a winegrower or cooperative, they provide an environmentally friendly way of selling your wines on tap. Their sturdiness makes them easy to transport. Their impressive preservation properties guarantee your customers a taste experience equivalent to that of glass. You can thereby target an additional, fast-growing market, armed with compelling sales arguments for wine merchants, bars, cafes and even restaurants!

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Protect your brand image

Preserving and guaranteeing the quality of your wine is essential. Your brand image depends on it. Our innovative solution of flexible kegs guarantees:
  • an airtight filling system which prevents the introduction of oxygen during filling, ensuring a better performance than that of the magnum in this respect
  • a better preservation quality than that of a bag-in-box and comparable to that of a glass bottle
  • a longer shelf life than in a bag-in-box with a superior brand image

Develop your capacity to adapt to market fluctuations

Consumer habits are changing, especially in restaurants where sales of wine by the glass are increasing and consumers are increasingly looking for value for money. In this tense economic climate, it’s important for you to be able to adapt and anticipate market evolutions. This is where the Flexikeg solution can help you:
  • it’s more convenient for customers who want to move to wine on tap with a keg which effortlessly empties up to 99.5% of its volume, which works in any position and can slide under the bar
  • you become the partner of wine merchants and bar or restaurant owners who are looking to optimise their costs by removing the need for intermediaries
  • you can ship your wine in bulk to far-flung regions, knowing it will retain all its qualities, in kegs 8 times lighter than bottles, which can be loaded on pallets and stacked without any risk of breaking or puncturing and all with a lower carbon footprint compared to traditional solutions.
Finally, while you may think organising the return of used kegs is complicated, we’re working on simplifying the process and also looking for solutions to meet your ad-hoc packaging needs. Contact us for more details

Take action for the environment

Using our environmentally friendly kegs helps to protect the planet. By choosing Flexikeg, you’re choosing to reduce your environmental footprint and playing your part in a project favouring a socially responsible economy.
  • While glass is sustainable and recyclable, the 20 glass bottles required to transport 15 litres of wine weigh 8 kg when empty and their manufacture alone creates 7 kg of CO2
  • You’re playing your part in the revival of the deposit return scheme, opening the way for your customers/partners to use reusable kegs and encouraging consumers to no longer throw away disposable bottles
  • You’re taking care of yourself and your employees by using kegs which are far more convenient to work with (robust, easy to handle, lightweight and compact when empty)