Our kegs and our bags

Flexikeg, a range of innovative kegs

An innovative company based in Normandy, we sell economical, flexible and ecological kegs and bags to stock, transport and dispense your drinks.
    A Flexikeg is:
  • lightweight
  • compact
  • equipped with inner bags
  • reusable
The keg is made up of an external sheath and metal fittings. The sheath is supple, lightweight and extremely resistant.

This sheath contains 2 recyclable bags:

  • one stores the liquid and is changed after each use,
  • the other contains compressed air which enables the fluid to be extracted (and maintained at pressure when necessary, for example with beer).

The whole keg can be reused and recycled. To find out more about how our bags, sheaths and metal parts are recycled, click here. This system, which has won awards from Perrier, Citéo and Solar Impulse, offers a number of advantages.


Innovative, unique and made in France, our kegs can be easily integrated into existing setups. Flexikegs come in 3 different sizes (5, 15 and 30 litres).


A zero-waste keg offering a long product shelf life

An innovative drainage system ensures more than 99.5% of the keg’s contents are emptied, the beverage is dispensed to the last drop. The long shelf life is triply guaranteed in a Flexikeg thanks to:
  • a double inner bag system which keeps the extraction gas and your beverage separate.
  • a recyclable barrier material, especially developed for Flexikeg, which safeguards against spoilage.
  • a coupling system which enables filling and dispensing to be carried out in a vacuum and without any external contamination.
The whole Flexikeg system is therefore designed to guarantee optimal preservation and dispensing of your beverages even after tapping (beer, wine, fruit juice, cider, cocktail, etc.). Do you or your customers sell drinks with a low consumption rate? No worries, the drink stays as fresh as the day it was made even after several weeks of dispensing!

An ergonomic keg which helps you optimise your serving area

Space is often at a premium in a production or dispensing area (cellar, beneath the bar, etc.). Traditional or disposable kegs take up as much space when they are empty as full. Their storage can therefore be problematic. That’s not the case for the Flexikeg:
  • Empty:
It takes up very little room. Twenty 15-litre Flexikegs take up the same space as two traditional or disposable kegs.
  • Full:
    • It’s lighter than a steel keg
    • It can be easily loaded vertically on a metal rack or horizontally on a wooden pallet.
    • Its original shape is an advantage. It can be used in any position: vertical, horizontal, inclined, upright or upside down, hanging, placed on a rack, leaning against a wall or hidden under a bar.
Optimise the layout of your space: winery, bar, restaurant, brewery, design the layout that works for you!

A keg to make your life easier

The Flexikeg connector slots easily into your current setup.


Flexikeg manifolds are a cost-effective way of increasing your productivity.
Fill five 30-litre kegs (150 litres) in under 4 minutes!


  • CO2 or compressed air, the choice is yours! We’re on hand to advise you if you need help.
  • Go further with a keg series:
    • No need to stop serving to change the keg. Flexikegs can be easily connected to each other for continuous dispensing.
    • No more mixing of the barrel dregs. With Flexikegs, you can choose the order in which the kegs are emptied so there’s no unpleasant taste for your customers!
    • You can mix kegs with different contents: all our connectors are compatible with each other.