Drinking establishments

Flexikeg, the keg for dispensing all your drinks

Restaurant, bar, café, festival? You want to make sure all your drinks – beer, wine, cider, cocktails or fruit juices – are served in the best conditions. A well-preserved product, served quickly and with no interruptions to supply is what will keep your customers coming back.

You work in the hospitality sector: you need to minimise the time spent in the back room or cellar so you can be front of house, serving your customers. With full kegs which are easy to handle and install, and empty kegs which are easy to stock, you’re free to concentrate on your customers.

Lost packaging and the carbon footprint of drinks transportation are major challenges. The ecological side of drinks distribution is something you care about. Our innovative kegs offer an economical and environmentally friendly alternative with no compromise on the quality of the drinks, and are much more convenient to use.
  • Easy installation and uninterrupted service (interconnected kegs),
  • Full and empty kegs stocked in a much smaller space,
  • Carbon footprint drastically reduced,
  • Less physical effort required.

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Protect your brand image

Being able to guarantee the quality of the drinks you serve is essential. Our innovative solution of flexible kegs ensures:
  • flavour preservation, whether you’re serving beer, wine, fruit juice, cider or cocktails,
  • optimal conservation of craft beers even after the keg has been tapped,
  • better conservation for wines than with bag-in-box systems,
  • longer shelf life than with traditional solutions while safeguarding against the effects of light, oxidation and external contaminants.
With our Flexikegs, the quality of the drinks you serve is identical to that on the day they were made!

Optimise your logistics, keep your drinks flowing

Choosing our kegs enables you to:
  • optimise the storage, handling and logistics of your empty or full kegs. Full, they take up less floor space. Empty, the kegs can simply be stored in a cardboard box.
  • organise your dispensing and cooling spaces more efficiently. Our kegs can be used in any position, they can be hung, upright or upside down, slide under the bar or simply stand upright on the floor.
  • provide uninterrupted service. Our kegs can be connected to each other.
With our Flexikegs, your customers enjoy fast and flowing service with no interruptions. You save time and gain in productivity, a source of satisfaction for both your customers and your balance sheet.

Increase your sales, improve your profitability

By choosing to have your drinks delivered in flexible kegs, you can:
  • offer a wide range of wines, beers and even fruit juices
  • keep your drinks for longer
  • dispense up to 99.5% of the contents
  • pour without the need for CO2
  • reduce your delivery costs
  • gain in efficiency at the bar and serve more drinks in less time
  • offer your customers different consumption methods, for example with our mobile dispenser which can be filled up from the bar tap

Take action for the environment

By choosing our environmentally friendly kegs you’re helping to protect the planet. You’re reducing your carbon footprint and playing an integral part in a project favouring a socially responsible economy.