Around the keg

Around the keg: a range of innovative products

Whether directly connected to the keg, in the form of essential or optional accessories, or as an integrated solution, our R&I team has designed a range of products around the keg for maximum convenience for all types of users (brewer, winemaker, wine merchant, event organiser, end consumer, etc.).


All our connecting systems are designed to offer you maximum convenience and can be integrated into your current setup.

Manifolds for quicker filling

  • With our manifolds, fill 5 (or more) 30-litre kegs, (150 litres), in just 4 minutes!
  • Not forgetting the purge to release the air in the filling system.

Dispensing solutions adapted to your needs

  • The simplest, directly at the exit of the keg: a dispense tap with integrated compensator for fast and efficient pouring!
  • A new, valve-free “Plug & Drink” coupler, to connect your pipework to our kegs!
  • Solutions which ensure a seamless integration of the Flexikeg into your current setup, with complete interchangeability between our fittings and your existing system
  • The choice between CO2 or compressed air to dispense your beverage. For more information, contact us.
  • A dispense purge to flatten the keg after use.

« Fast » coupling kits to connect the kegs to each other and make your life simpler!

  • No need to stop serving to change the keg. Keep your drinks flowing!
  • No more mixing of the barrel dregs. With Flexikegs, you can choose the order in which the kegs are emptied so there’s no unpleasant taste for your customers!
  • You can mix kegs with different contents: all our connectors are compatible with each other.


As well as specific essential or optional accessories, Flexikegs also offer “all-in-one” integrated solutions.
These are designed after close observation and analysis of your needs and become available as and when they are developed.

The individual mobile dispenser!

Would you like to offer your customers ultra mobile solutions for carrying around beer, wine, fruit juice, cider or even just water? The mobile dispenser is the ideal solution! It holds up to 5 litres of drink and keeps it cool for 6 hours thanks to the isothermal lining. What’s more, it offers:
  • minimal foaming: thanks to the compensator tap, foam will be just a distant memory
  • complete autonomy: no need for electricity, the mobile dispenser can be carried everywhere.