Our CSR commitments

Flexikeg, environmentally friendly kegs

Our aim is to help protect the environment while at the same time meeting the requirements of our customers. With the Flexikeg, we have managed to reconcile the expectations of brewers, winegrowers, cider or fruit juice producers in terms of quality, preservation and freshness, with current and future environmental challenges.


Designing 100% recyclable kegs was one thing, but we wanted to go much further by integrating our manufacturing process into the heart of the socially responsible economy. This vocation is formally set out in our 9 CSR commitments:
  • ensure the circular economy lies at the heart of our company strategy
  • construct together with our customers, partners and colleagues, solutions adapted to current and future environmental challenges
  • produce sustainable packaging to protect the planet and its resources
  • demonstrate transparency regarding the traceability and recycling of our kegs
  • industrialise our innovations to accelerate the impact of our products on the drinks market
  • support other players in our ecosystem to distribute and consume responsibly
  • cultivate and share the passion of our teams for innovation
  • pass on our expertise and values to young students
  • work with disability-inclusive companies to give everyone the opportunity to integrate the world of work
We feel we’ve been lucky to have opportunities in our lives and want others to have them too.

giving meaning, forging bonds, sharing.

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