Flexikeg, beer kegs for craft brewers

Lager, white beer, amber ale or stout, the beverage you brew is a precious product that you want to preserve and show off to its best advantage. For you the ideal keg must preserve all your product’s qualities over the long term.

This ideal keg must also allow you to optimise production costs and save time without the need to invest in expensive machines and barrel stocks.

The distribution logistics need to be straightforward, and it should be convenient for your customers to use so you can get maximum benefit from the fruit of your work.

You also know that respecting our planet and its resources is a must for you, and your customers.

It’s in response to your requirements that we’ve created Flexikeg. Our aim is to support you by offering an environmentally responsible solution: flexible, green and economical kegs with absolutely no compromise on the quality of the product’s flavours, freshness or shelf life.

Discover the range of Flexikegs developed
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Protect your brand image

Guaranteeing the quality and freshness of your beers is essential. Thanks to our innovative flexible kegs :
  • the flavours of your recipes are retained
  • the conservation of your beers is optimised, even once the kegs have been tapped
  • your beer is protected from the effects of light, oxidation and external contaminants, ensuring a longer shelf life than with traditional kegs
  • the beers are easier to dispense for your customers.
With our Flexikegs, the quality of your beer is the same when poured as on the day it was brewed!

Control your production costs

On the one hand, a stock of steel kegs and the costly equipment that comes with it. On the other, the use of disposable kegs, also very expensive. Both take up a lot of space. The Flexikeg alternative offers a number of advantages:
  • you limit your investments, meaning long-term savings,
  • you gain in user cost per litre of beer dispensed,
  • you save space, as when empty they are 10 times smaller than their competitors,
  • and together, over the long term, we’re adopting a virtuous practice, as they can be recycled.

Optimise logistics for you and your customers

By choosing our flexible kegs you can:
  • optimise the storage, handling and logistics of your kegs, empty or full,
  • offer your customers advantages such as an optimal bar setup (our kegs can be used in any position) and continuous dispensing (our kegs can be connected to each other),
  • remain agile and adapt to fluctuations in your activity and to the seasonality of requirements thanks to our lease scheme (currently being rolled out).

Take action for the environment

Choosing our environmentally friendly kegs helps to protect the planet. With Flexikeg, the carbon footprint of dispensing 30 litres of beer is 68% lower than with a steel keg. With Flexikeg you save more than 1 kg of plastic waste with each use compared to disposable kegs.
By choosing Flexikeg, you’re choosing to reduce your environmental footprint and playing an integral part in a project favouring a sustainable and socially responsible economy.