Flexikegs can contain carbonated drinks (beer, cider, lemonade), still drinks (wine, fruit juice), cocktails and many other liquids (contact us).

Flexikegs are versatile. They can be used for storing, transporting and dispensing beverages and for refermentation in kegs.
To fill a Flexikeg, all you need is a pressure source (compressor, CO2 bottle, nitrogen bottle, etc.) and a suitable pump. For carbonated drinks, Flexikegs are compatible with isobaric filling, refermentation and forced carbonation processes. Full details are in our user manual.

Yes, using our manifold and a suitable pump (flow rate and pressure), you can fill up to 5 Flexikegs at the same time in less than 4 minutes. Our manifolds can even be coupled to increase filling productivity.


Flexikegs easily connect to all draft systems using the accessories we provide. Full details are in our user manual.

You can use any pressure source (compressor, CO2 bottle, etc.). In fact, our double pouch system isolates your drink from the pressurizing gas, and therefore protects it against any alteration (oxidation, contamination, etc.).

Shelf Life

The beverage producer determines the shelf life of its product. Even when “opened”, our kegs preserve that shelf life, since the beverage is completely isolated in its own pouch.

How long a Flexikeg will last depends on your rotation rate. A Flexikeg can be reused 100 times (example: in the beer industry, with 4 rotations a year for a keg, that comes to a lifespan of 25 years). At the end of its life, it can be fully recycled.


The refurbishment consists of cleaning the outer shell, the connectors and changing the inner pouch. This refurbishment can be carried out by Flexikeg or yourself. Full details are in our user manual.

Handling / Transport

Full kegs can travel individually by courier. They can be palletized using blocks or put in box pallets to avoid single-use overpackaging.

For more details, contact us.

In the warehouse, they are stored on pallets with blocks, or in box pallets. For more details, contact us.

In the hospitality industry our kegs adapt to the configuration of the cellar or back room. They can be stored and used flat, upside-down, hung on a wall, etc.

Environmental responsibility

Our keg is frugal in terms of raw materials and manufacturing energy consumption. 93% of the keg is reusable 100 times before recycling. And the 7% consumed for each use (internal pouch) is upcycled into raw materials. During the transport phases, the mass of the container in relation to the contents is 5 times lower than for glass or metal packaging, which reduces the carbon footprint of transport.

A life cycle analysis carried out by an independent firm certified by ADEME allowed us to quantify these advantages, contact us for more details.

Precautions for use

Flexikegs can be used from -2°C to 40°C as long as the maximum pressure does not exceed 50 Psi / 3.5 bars. Our user manuals specify the temperature and pressure conditions to be respected depending on the drinks.